Here are a few ways you can identify and work towards preventing burnout.

I recently saw a post on Facebook from one of my friends, and it inspired this video: 

“We need to stop glamorizing overworking, please. The absence of sleep, good diet, exercise, relaxation, and time with family and friends is not something to be applauded. Too many people wear their burnout as a badge of honor, and this needs to change.”

How many of you agree with this? Let’s talk about burnout, the signs, and how to avoid it.

A recent study by Deloitte found that 77% of people have experienced burnout in their workplace. There are always signs of burnout, and some are more obvious than others. Alone none of these are guaranteed signals, but together they form a pattern that shows you or someone you know may need support:

  • A loss of confidence. Where things that seemed easy now seem impossible, or where you once felt supported, you now feel judged and inadequate.
  • A change in socializing. Burnout can sometimes mimic depression in that you feel totally disconnected.
  • A lack of care or joy. If you used to put a lot of effort into your work, but now you’re just apathetic, it may signal burnout.
  • A mild physical illness. If you’re experiencing stomach issues, nausea, headaches, or chronic fatigue paired with insomnia, all of these can be symptoms of burnout.

“Have the courage to make yourself a priority.”

How can you prevent this?

1. Set boundaries. Separate your home life from your work life. Have a definitive start and stop time. If you’re working from home or an entrepreneur, this might be difficult, but it’s important to maintain a clear separation.

2. Create a schedule where you can pace yourself. Set times and deadlines in a way that lets you conserve your energy.

3. Remove any unnecessary burdens. This focuses on honoring your yes’s and no’s, but it’s important to relieve burnout.

4. Set a self-care schedule. It needs to include plenty of exercise and sleep to be effective.

Burnout is really serious, but knowing the signs and how to help prevent it can help you to recover faster and even avoid it entirely. Have the courage to make yourself a priority; you are definitely more important than anything else.

As a life coach, this is part of the work that I do with my clients, so if you are having trouble with burnout, and would like help, feel free to give me a call.