Here’s how you can get things back on track as we begin a new year.

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderfully Merry Christmas and were able to spend time with your family, friends, and loved ones creating magical memories. I’m Coach Lesa with Embrace Joyful Living Coaching where I work with women just like you, helping you to master your mind, money, and time so that you can fully embrace all this life has to offer.

“Doing the same things the same way will produce the same results. ”

It seems like we just welcomed 2021, yet here we are already ushering it out. The older I get, the faster time seems to move and the more I realize the importance of creating and experiencing more joy each day.  

Take some time today before the strike of midnight on December 31 to start envisioning and planning your next year. Come January 1, the holidays will be over. It’s a fresh start, and it’s what you’ve always done. What if you changed things up a bit this year? Doing the same things the same way will most definitely produce the same results. 

The key to having a better year in 2022 is taking some time to reflect on 2021. Here’s a process you can use which was taught to me by one of my coaches, Stacey Boehman. It’s called Evaluating. Grab your journal and answer these questions: 

  • What went well this year? Our minds typically want to start with what’s wrong, but I encourage you to resist that temptation.
  • What didn’t work for you in 2021? 
  • What will you do differently in the upcoming year?

Be sure to look at all areas of your life: spiritual, relationships, career/business, finances, and health. As we bring in the New Year, know that you are meant for:

  • More joy
  • More fulfillment
  • More purpose
  • More intentionality
  • More authenticity
  • More money
  • More rest
  • More fun
  • More of everything you’ve ever dreamed 

I teach my clients how to have whatever they want. You are meant for it. You are ready for it.  Now you get to pursue it. What’s the fastest way to do that? Work with a coach.

When you know you are meant for more and you are ready to go after it, it’s time for us to speak. I have availability for new clients starting in January 2022. To learn more about working with me one on one, schedule your consultation by visiting my website at We’ll talk about where you are right now, where you want to be instead, and exactly how we’ll bridge the gap between the two.

Don’t keep waiting. You deserve more now!  2022 can be your most joyful year yet. Reach out to me today with any questions you have. I look forward to hearing from you.