Here’s why you should be consciously practicing self-acceptance.

How many times do you walk past the mirror and scowl? How often do you pick out all the crows’ feet, wrinkles, and blemishes while you’re brushing your teeth? Today’s topic is self-acceptance. 

As women, we tend to be overly critical of our shortcomings and failures. We tend to see ourselves as defective. These negative thoughts hold us back from who we are truly capable of becoming. 

“Self-acceptance will help you become who you truly are. ”

When we are self-accepting, we’re able to accept all facets of ourselves, even those that we consider negative or undesirable. Self-acceptance gives you more confidence, makes you more resilient to criticism, gives you a sense of freedom, and improves your relationships with others.

Okay, but how do we achieve self-acceptance? Here are a few tips to help you:

1. Practice self-compassion. Forgive yourself. Understand that whatever you may have done in the past, you were doing the best that you could. Talk to yourself in a loving manner.

2. Eliminate perfectionist tendencies. We are all human, we make mistakes. Our imperfections are what make us unique, and our failures are how we grow. Stop trying to be perfect.

3. No more “compare and despair.” The people who look like they have perfect lives on social media don’t. The illusion that everyone you know has a happy life makes it hard for you to accept your own life. Focus on yourself and on living the life you choose.

I understand that developing unconditional self-acceptance can be challenging. After all, it means undoing years of subconscious programming. That’s where I come in because I can help you develop self-acceptance. If you’re ready to accept yourself unconditionally, give me a call and we can set up a complimentary session.