Here’s why investing in yourself is one of the best things you can do.

Are you an investor? Do you invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or real estate? When was the last time you invested in yourself? Investing in ourselves yields the highest rate of return we can get.

The surest way to achieve a better quality of life, success, and productivity is to place a high priority on both professional and personal development. I’m passionate about personal development because I view it as a form of self-love. We should love ourselves enough to continue to develop our talents and gifts to better serve the world.

“When was the last time you invested in yourself?”

Why is this important? Leslie, from one of my previous videos, was a high-achieving professional who was feeling bored and stuck in her job. She wanted to do something about it, discovered her true purpose, and decided to turn it into her career. She found a job listing that appeared to be her dream job, so she applied.

As it turns out, one of her former classmates applied for the same position. They both went to high school together, had similar grades, both graduated from college with flying colors, and they had a very similar work ethic. Leslie ended up getting the job because, unlike her colleague who decided to never open another book after she graduated, Leslie continued with her personal and professional development and acquired additional skills she could put on her resume and articulate in the interview. The effort you put into consistently developing yourself plays a massive role in the quality of life you have now and in the future.

Here are five ways you can continue to develop yourself:

1. Take a class or seminar. There are many online now, and plenty of them are completely free.

2. Read. Studies have shown that the most successful people are those who carve out time to read each day. Reading not only increases knowledge but also vocabulary and focus.

3. Listen to podcasts. You can listen to podcasts anywhere. I use my car as a mobile university; I’m always listening to a podcast when driving. You can also listen to them while you’re exercising or doing something around the house. There’s a podcast on any topic you can imagine.

4. Volunteer. When you volunteer, you’re not only giving back to the community but also refining some of your existing skills, likely gaining new ones, and you can increase your network.

5. Hire a coach.  Of course, this is my favorite way to develop yourself. A coach can help you raise your self-confidence, explore your true purpose, help you keep more of the money you earn and have more joy and balance in your life. We offer an unbiased, non-judgemental space.

Remember: The secret to nurturing a healthy mind is to never stop learning.

If you’d like to explore personal development a little further or are curious if coaching may be the avenue for you to take, reach out to me on my website at or by phone. I’m always here to help.