Here are three reasons why you should celebrate your accomplishments more.

June is my favorite month of the year because it’s my birthday month. I just celebrated my birthday earlier this week, so I have celebration on my mind. How frequently do you celebrate yourself and your accomplishments?

I had a conversation with a friend not long ago, and she mentioned that she doesn’t celebrate when she accomplishes a goal. She’s accomplished some pretty amazing goals in her lifetime, but she said her form of celebration is simply to set the next goal and start working toward it. Learning to celebrate ourselves every step of the way makes the journey to success even more enjoyable, so here are a few great reasons to celebrate:

1. Learn and adapt. When you see what’s working and why, you become aware of which thoughts you were thinking that helped you create the success that you’re having. You can learn from and continue to utilize those thoughts to create even more success.

“Learning to celebrate ourselves every step of the way makes the journey to success even more enjoyable.”

2. Cultivate a mindset of success. You’ll focus on what you’ve accomplished and see how far you’ve come as opposed to looking at how much further you need to go.

3. It feels good. When we celebrate, we release happy endorphins, and they make us want to do and create more in our lives.

Every day, there’s something in life that you can celebrate, not just birthdays or special occasions. I love working with clients to help them set goals, identify and take the actions necessary to achieve the goals, and also celebrate along the way.

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